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Safeguards & Security Projects

Ingenium provided Nonproliferation Technical Support to perform technical support for activities of the GS&N Program. The work is performed at the Ingenium Oak Ridge Office, the ORNL Site, and at other off-site locations in country and outside of the US.
This included services support for programmatic areas of nuclear safeguards and security, nonproliferation and national security programs, and other defense activities. Including testing and analysis, sustainability, physical security, material control and accountability, emergency management, counterterrorism, vulnerability assessment, risk management assessment, performance testing, security exercises, transportation security, maritime security design, nuclear forensics, instructional system design, and training curriculum development.
Ingenium support the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Office of Radiological Safety (ORS) mission by providing technical and programmatic support to Y-12 Global Security Analysis and Training (GSAT) organization. The GSAT organization provided Alarm Response Training (ART) to Domestic First Responders to include local law enforcement as well FBI participants. The scope of the training was to familiarize the responders with their roles in protecting nuclear and radiological material located at civilian sites.
Ingenium provides support of eight Safeguards and Security Classification personnel who identify scientific and technical information associated with the Uranium Processing Facility design, construction and procurement documents and ensure the following of DOE/NNSA Classification policies and guidelines.
These Ingenium personnel support Bechtel in maintaining operational awareness of the classification and CUI issues., Ingenium personnel support the UPF Safeguards and Security Manager to ensure necessary policies and procedures are developed and approved in accordance with applicable DOE directives, provided guidance, training, and assesses compliance of handle or maintain classified matter.

Support management and direction for the program and program staff. This support includes: Training, Origination and classification, Marking, Accountability, Classified matter in-use, Storage, Reproduction, Transmission and Receipt and Destruction.

Ingenium Personnel ensures a comprehensive training and awareness program is developed and conducted as required, ensuring employees are adequately trained and qualified before handling classified matter and controlled information.

Ingenium personnel support the UPF Safeguards and Security Manager would handle reports related incidents through an approved reporting channel and participate in the inquiry of incidents, provide assistance to physical security representatives in establishing and maintaining classified matter storage locations, nonconforming storage, disseminates periodic awareness material, as required, to employees who have work responsibilities that include protection and control of classified matter and controlled information.