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Project Management & Implementation Projects

Ingenium providing engineering support for the proposed Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) at the Y-12 National Security Complex facility, along with glovebox designs. This effort supports the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. Duties included developing procedures for new processes; developing training program for new processes; training initial crew for readiness review; and tracking and closing issues noted during assessments and walkthroughs.
Ingenium contributed to HEUMF’s winning two DOE Awards of Excellence for its safety features and design focus on efficiency and economy of operation. Ingenium Project managers developed design and process improvements for “lean” initiative, including work cells, shadow boards, electronic data collection, and standardized process flows with redundancy. These efforts were instrumental in maximizing production capabilities and minimizing production down-time. Ingenium developed and implemented a comprehensive training and qualification program for Certified Nuclear Operators in accordance with DOE 0426.2.
Ingenium Professional Services is recognized for advancing of the DOE mission of the Y 12 Nuclear Security Complex in supporting the highly enriched uranium material transfer from five long-term storage areas into the new HEUMF. Ingenium assisted in finding ways to help reduce an 11-month transfer schedule to just 3 months, helping save a potential $26 million in security costs. The schedule was reduced by Ingenium using creative and unique methods to streamline and implement the material preparation and movement process. As a result of Ingenium’s attention to detail and persistence toward the project success the material transfer to HEUMF was completed ahead of schedule. “Ingenium is the company we can rely on for superior achievements and overcoming obstacles to get the job done” BW Y12 LLC, Deputy Vice President of Safeguards, Security and Emergency Services.
Ingenium was specifically requested to assist the Weapons Dismantlement and Disposition Program beryllium glovebox project team. The project team dealt successfully with a number of design challenges, procedure and training implementation difficulties and fabrication issues — from fire protection in a negative — pressure environment to size of welds and operation of mechanical seals. Ingenium’s support contributed to achieving readiness, and subsequently, to the project’s success.
Ingenium supports Y12 Nuclear Security Complex missions and initiatives, Nuclear Programs, Nuclear Project Planning, Storage, Operations/Material Processing, and material disposition.

Ingenium support includes the technical support, material control, and data management activities for Program and Project material-related activities for the Central Scrap Management Office (CSMO), Material Recycle and Recovery (MRR), Area 5 De-inventory, Production Integration, Special Nuclear Materials Organization (SNMO), Uranium Sustainment, Process Technology Development, and the Storage related operations.