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Nuclear Operations and Nuclear Safety Projects

Ingenium provides support to the Spallation Neutron Source in the areas of facility safety policies, regulations, and strategies, and documentation. Facility Safety Engineer/Safety Analysis Engineer: Reviews processes, systems, and activities in nuclear/non-nuclear facilities to ensure associated safety equipment is designed to protect the health and safety of the public and co-located workers.
Perform hazard and accident analyses and documents conclusions in Documented Safety Analyses and Technical Safety Requirements including supporting documents. Develops functional specifications for structures, systems, and components and establishes safety requirements for assigned systems. Evaluates the interrelationship of system safety requirements and other aspects of concept design and developments to ensure the most cost-effective program.
Ingenium is a team member of CTAC, a small group responsible for technical and quality assurance resources for the DOE Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO), which provides oversight for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and the National Transuranic (TRU) Program. Ingenium assists the DOE/CBFO with oversight and management of the WIPP by providing technical expertise in: Safety and Operations, Oversight Environmental and Regulatory Support, Performance Demonstration Program, Audits and Assessments. Additionally, Ingenium personnel were instrumental in the restart of the WIPP in 2016.
For another project, Ingenium provided a Senior Construction Operations Manager to support the DUF6 project at the Paducah site to services as the CONOPS Mentor and for procedure and training development. DUF6 Conversion Project in assisting the design, construct, and operational readiness of conversion facilities on DOE property at the Portsmouth (Ohio) and Paducah (Kentucky) sites.
Helping Y-12 meet “lean” goals

Ingenium provides Operational Engineering, Technical, and Readiness Support Services to the HEUMF and other Y-12 nuclear facilities. Ingenium managed project Process Engineering Team for the new Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility (HEUMF) located at Y-12 Nuclear Complex in Oak Ridge, TN. As part of this project, Ingenium implemented a new uranium process activity, leading to a successful completion of the design, construction, operational testing and resultant NNSA Operational Readiness Review that was under budget and ahead of schedule.

Ingenium was contracted to perform vital mission support duties associated in with the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility (HEUMF) and other nuclear facilities under the responsibility of Special Nuclear Materials Operations (SNMO). Ingenium personnel are qualified to review proposed changes in nuclear facility operations which could increase the quantity of radioactive or hazardous materials, including the introduction of new materials not previously evaluated.
Provide technical analysis to ensure the safety basis (SB) documents are revised and in accordance with the applicable technical basis; the development, implementation, and revision of process descriptions; along with documented safety analysis (DSA), criticality safety analysis, and technical procedures, Reviewing existing production processes, systems, and activities in category 2 nuclear facilities to ensure associated safety equipment, production equipment and facility systems are operational to support legacy material disposition and the UPF start-up.

Providing technical analysis to ensure fissile materials are processed, stored, transferred, and handled safely so that personnel and property are protected. Conducting surveillances, inspections, walkthroughs, appraisals, or audits of fissile material operations to ensure compliance with approvals. Ensuring the configuration management program preserves the SB; confirming changes proposed are properly identified, developed, revised, approved, implemented, and documented.

This includes the implementation of required Safety Management Programs (e.g., Nuclear Criticality Safety, Radiological Control, Industrial Hygiene, Fire Protection, Emergency Management, etc.), as appropriate, in facilities under their authority and as outlined, summarized, and described in the associated SB documents.

Ingenium has served as a member of the ARR Team for the Medical Isotope and Research Program (MIRP) Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) to ensure that operations at MIRP can be performed in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.
Ingenium team ensures that facility conditions and operations with the potential to affect worker or public safety and health, or to have a negative impact on the environment, have been evaluated, appropriate safeguards have been established, and that applicable Nuclear Particle Physics (NPP) Directorate, BNL, and DOE Orders, directives, requirements and procedures have been met.

This includes meeting the requirements of DOE Order 420.2C and the BNL Standards Based Management System (SBMS) Accelerator Safety Subject Area and doing so in a way that is consistent with the guidance provided in DOE Guide 420.2-1 and DOE Guide 420.2-1A.